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Let us find the perfect candidate

Our Recruitment cycle involves a multiple-step operation that ends in a successful job placement resulting to a Job Fit (candidates fit in with your culture).

  1. Client's vacancies / Job Specs received
  2. Evaluation of Client's needs to include info on Client's Company Culture,
  3. Talent search; through screening and selection process to include interviews,
  4.  Selected talent - shortlisted, preparation for submission process for submission to Client,
  5. Interview arrangements; candidates to Clients, may leads to second interviews,
  6. Follow ups on interview progress, if successful,
  7.  Checks (phychometrics) / informal reference checks if and when required by Clients prior to offer,
  8. Offer made to successful candidates,
  9. Salary Negotiations (if necessary and requested),
  10. Placements,
  11. Follow ups with the successful placed candidates.

HR Services based on hourly work.

Our HR Services are recognized as added value to your recruiting needs to ensure the recruitment resourcing strategy is achievable with your budget, and requirements instead of the full recruitment costs.

  1. Screening and Shortlisting; we would take some of the load off your initial recruitment process and would leave you with the screened and shortlisted candidates for your to interview on a face-to-face phase or to suit you
  2. Recruitment Advertising; let us assist you with advertising and maintaining of your vacancies, and leave you with the selected and shortlisted candidates.
  3. Candidate interviews; we have a structured and competent assessment interviewing process, which features effective questioning and interviewing skills. And we understand the importance of setting objectives for the assessment process.
  4. For other HR related matters, we would refer you to our dedicated Senior and experience HR consultants that are based in many different locations / area.  For more info on this please contact us on:

Rates for our service fees; we charge on an hourly basis for the HR Services rendered.