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We are mainly focused in Health & Social Care in positions such as:

* Support Worker / Care Assistant
* Care Leaders / Team Leaders
* Registered Nurse (RGN) / RMN
* Deputy Manager
* Regional Manager
* And other positions

Tips you might need to know which may help with your application:

* Have your CV clearly laid out (so it has a professional appearance) & make sure it is up-to-date complete with any      Qualification/Training you may have, and Work Experience include your updated contact details.

* Have your current and previous job description as clear and detailed as possible as something that you think may not be relevant to you may be one of the points recruiter needs. All dates must connect (NO missing periods).

* Highlight your skill set and your interest along with reason of your interest.


* When the interview is set up and confirmed making sure your arrive at least 15 mins prior to your scheduled interview. Remember: First Impression matter.
* Present yourself well and professionally dressed. Avoid wearing vibrant colours.
* Enhance your listening skill, to enable you to response to the questions or have a good engagement with the Client by responding well.
* And lastly but not least, “Smile” and be Confident.

Good Luck!

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